In last weeks Crowd newsletter via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, we discussed brand values with the inclusion of a poignant stat from Marketing Week.

According to a recent survey, a quarter (24%) of the UK population believe a company’s values, actions and corporate reputation are just as important as its product attributes and features. Hardly surprising; this group of people have been dubbed ‘CorpSumers’ meaning they make purchases, employment and investment decisions based on company reputation.

To find out for ourselves, we distributed a poll to all of our subscribers, and the results came back to be exactly as we had anticipated.

How influential are a brands values to your purchasing decisions?

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As you can see, the majority stated that a brands values, actions and corporate reputation are an important part of any purchasing decision, with none of our subscribers admitting that it didn’t bother them at all.

As the divide between brand and consumer continues to close; the need for a more open, transparent and approachable strategy is critical for any business looking to survive in the social world we now live in.

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