If you live on the (mostly…) sunny isle of Guernsey, you would have no doubt seen many a person sipping cappuccinos, eating a wide variety of breakfast options and lunch delights, basking in the sun outside (again, mostly…), or within the cosy walls of COCO.

A coffee spot, a breakfast destination or lunch location, COCO offers not only amazing food & drink, but does this within the busy St Peter Port mini metropolis, yet, with calming views of the sunrise and neighbouring islands.

COCO really does offer something unique, which is why Crowd were excited to assist with their desire to make their presence known in the digital space.

Their first requirement was to give COCO an identity online, through a minimalistic website that matches their style in terms of the food, drinks and the overall experience which speaks for itself.

COCO homepage

There was no desire to create something with masses of content or around complex systems, the emphasis of the site was simply to be focussed on what really marries up with COCO as a business:

  • Style
  • Simplicity
  • Service

We feel the website achieves this goal by using a clean/spacious full-screen layout, careful typography selection/pairing, good photography and with an emphasis on less-is-more when it comes to content, which is why only the most important aspects of the business are displayed via the website, with the customer in mind.

COCO internal page

When it comes to this delightful French brasserie, there are some things that just have to be seen, and a visual of their carefully prepared food and drink really ignites the taste buds in comparison to just a written menu.

With that in mind, a simple yet consistent style has been established through social media content on Instagram, using owner Bertrand’s own authentic photography alongside the reams of user generated content.

COCO Instagram feed

This way, we’ve been able to showcase COCO in the best way possible when it comes to the excellent service they are providing and the comforting customer experience, all through the eyes of happy customers and Bertrand himself.

COCO is a place where all are welcome, inside or out, come rain or shine.

We have also worked with the COCO team to create and manage a bespoke e-newsletter strategy in order to showcase items that customers may otherwise think aren’t available via their very handy takeaway service, direct to subscriber inboxes.

You could be forgiven for thinking takeaway options are fairly limited for a business running a customer facing café/brasserie in conjunction with a takeaway option, but in the case of COCO, they offer a wide range of items, with no compromise on quality for customers who are too busy to attend COCO for the sit-down-experience.

COCO E-newsletter

As COCO continues to expand their takeaway service & menu, we’re delighted to help the team make sure that islanders know they can order fresh quality food online and still take a walk by the brasserie, see the people, the views, get a slice of the experience, but inevitably collect items and head to their next destination if pressed for time.

So, whether you’re dining in or grabbing on the go… what are you waiting for? We’ll see you there.

You can find the COCO website here: www.cocoguernsey.co

And you can follow them on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/coco.gsy

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