The bottom line of success for most businesses is sales, that’s a fact that can’t be debated. But for a business to thrive it needs to build a brand.

Businesses have an amazing opportunity in the digital space to build a brand through authentic, honest and valuable messages that offer something of value to their audiences over a sustained time. Forget focusing on and determining success by things like follower numbers, reach out and invest in the followers you already have.

Assuming that you believe in your product or service, are you demonstrating that through your brand? What’s your story? Who are your people and what are your values? We’re in a world where people today build their own individual brands around core values, and so if you’re looking to build and sustain a brand for your business you have to do better than simply advertising your product through one-way messaging.

Gain trust and empathy by opening up and engaging through quality content that matters, whether that’s helpful, inspiring, educational, entertaining or thought provoking; be true to yourselves and invest time into genuine communication in a social world. Start with that and you’ll see those follower numbers and sales grow.

You need enough sales, but building your brand is always the foundation.

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