Insurance Corporation

Consultation, Brand Audit & White Paper

How the Promotion of Positive Internal Culture, Effective Process Management & Technological Innovation can Increase Business Value for Consumers & Shareholders

Crowd Media were engaged by Insurance Corporation (“ICCI”) to undertake an audit of existing communications processes and technologies. The primary aim of the process was to ascertain the opportunities available to ICCI to make better use of communications technologies; to understand the technological, cultural and process barriers to innovation and to make recommendations for positive change.

"Crowd Media conducted a communications audit for us and made strategic recommendations on how we could spread our brand values through using social media, re-design, integrate and use our website to full effect as part of an integrated business strategy. In conducting this project, Crowd Media were dynamic, innovative and incisive and challenged the way we do business very effectively. We are implementing their recommendations."

Glyn Smith, Managing Director, Insurance Corporation