First and foremost giving people the content they want, need and expect is key to content strategy. In the case of Source, it is vital to share this content periodically and presentably to maximise reach and audience engagement. Understanding peoples browsing habits also comes into play; ensuring content is accessible when the audience is most likely to be receptive.


The perception and 'personality' of a brand is key to building trust and approachability; getting the tone of voice right and developing content that demonstrates something about the subtleties of the organisation is core to becoming more than just a logo in the eyes of the audience.

General Interest

Sharing content of general interst and value ensures Source remains front of mind. Content relating to employment, productivity and local subjects proves popular with the audience, allowing them to better relate to the Source brand.


Central to the Source brand are their CSR initiatives; they are a central component of their social media content strategy. Investing time and energy into corporate and social responsibility is admirable, and a positive way to build brand value, but ultimately this value can be negligible if evidence of this fails to reach an audience. Social media allows Source to not only reach their audience, but to build interaction around positive content; creating a lasting and measurable value.

7.7 million impressions; the combined number of potential users that saw any targeted content associated with Source Recruitment across Facebook and Twitter during the last 12 months

Brand Exposure: May 2014 - May 2015

Customer service comes first; in the last 12 months Source has interacted directly with over 4200 unique individuals via its social channels.

Customer Service: May 2014 - May 2015

During the last 6 months, there have been 6413 visits to the Source website directly from social channels; a continued 72% increase

Website Data: May 2014 - May 2015