The Beaufort Group

Website Design & Development


I am what you would call a 'pain in the backside' client. I am clear in my own mind what I want, but I struggle to articulate it, preferring instead to take the negative approach of pointing out what I don’t like, I am not very helpful at all!

The bit you see with Crowd is changing a font, adding a nav bar, designing a layout and any good web person can do that. The skill you get with Crowd is an uncanny, almost scarily unbelievable ability, to get under your skin and offer you things that you know deep down you want, but had never thought of and just make you say 'wow' it's unseen. I'm not sure it can be taught, and I am glad it wasn't on their invoice.

"They understand the pulse of your business and support its development; they get the mood, and they take the passion of the business and touch it with their wand so it suddenly appears as a site, a marketing plan, a flag to wave. Only great businesses have it, Crowd have it in abundance!"

Alan Easter, Group Chief Executive, The Beaufort Group

Professional Advisor Magazine: The Best Advisor (IFA) Website

We asked advisor's, designers and marketing experts for the client-facing advisor sites they considered the most impressive. This site from the Beaufort Group is slick and contemporary. It was designed by Guernsey based Crowd Media. The site benefits from vertical and horizontal navigation and it is divided into columns with drop down and retractable menus. Navigation of the site is exceptionally easy. In terms of additional content, the group produces a weekly newsletter, Windy. The contacts section is extensive with pictures and contact details of all staff, from directors to administrators.