Despite a challenging start to the year with a second lockdown for both Guernsey and Jersey, Team Crowd have had an exceptionally busy Q1.

We’re delighted to announce we have developed retained relationships with some of the most innovative CI businesses, testament to the resilience and innovation that is still very much alive across so many sectors, despite the challenges delivered by the ongoing pandemic.

Our Founder, Jo Porritt, believes the pandemic has probably fostered new opportunities and potentially fast-tracked developments in some sectors that have been traditionally slow to innovate.

“The lockdown this year absolutely presented challenges to us as a small business, but it also gave rise to us looking at ways to pivot our service offering in order to attract new relationships, whilst adding further value to our retained clients in the face of COVID disruption.

The result has been an incredibly positive start to Q2, and we remain optimistic about the rest of the year, especially within the context of working with what we would define as disruptor or challenger brands.”

Fellow Director, Ollie Smith added,

“We’ve had some really exciting discussions with brands that we feel are unique to the Channel Islands and it’s so rewarding to now be a part of their journey. We continue to support Green Air and Harrisson Aviation with our full suite of service offerings, and have in fact been working alongside Mark Harrisson from a strategic advisory basis since late 2019. We’ve been appointed as marketing partners with Freer; an innovative concept born out of the sharing economy, and we’re also now working with The Juggling King Rum Company to expand their presence and distribution to a global scale. White Wolf are another disrupter brand we’ve formed a great relationship with and they have some really exciting opportunities based on their refreshing approach to HR and talent acquisition.

These businesses alone demonstrate that Guernsey and Jersey are home to big brand stories with global potential; this is obviously exciting for us at Crowd, but this clearly sends a message that the past 12 months has accelerated innovation, despite an unpredictable external environment.”

We’re delighted to continue to offer a unique perspective on brand communications that we feel is a natural fit for businesses built on home-grown, entrepreneurial spirit.

After celebrating ten years in business in 2020, we’re as passionate as ever about what we do. In many ways, we were ahead of our time, and it’s never easy being the first to carve new roads. We feel we retain that brave spirit and can now support that with a decade of unparalleled experience in taking brands on a journey.

These recent partnerships are a continued sign of our belief in the success of “being first” and we’re buoyed by the prospect of other acquisitions to our client base that we’ll be talking about very soon.

Crowd are marketing partners that balance an understanding of the human psyche with forward thinking strategic marketing.

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