“To bring the world closer together” was Facebook’s new mission statement in 2018, as they highlighted their intention to “help 1bn people join meaningful communities.” In light of that, Facebook Groups for Pages are a trending topic of discussion in 2019

Previously Facebook Pages and Groups have always been completely separate from one-another, but the platform has now offered a new opportunity for brands to optimise the Group model to their advantage.

  • Create or Associate

Businesses can either create a completely new Group or alternatively associate a current one with their Facebook Page. Investment into building targeted audiences on Facebook Pages isn’t lost, but at a time where personalisation and meaningful content has become more important than ever (read our thoughts on messenger apps here!), Groups could now be carving a new road outside of the saturated and often toxic news feed.

  • Super-fans

A space for likeminded users to share opinions, digest official updates, discuss new ideas, share experiences and express their feelings around relevant brand passion points is a prospect any business should be excited about. Get a Facebook Group right and you’re turning important Facebook ‘Likes’ on Pages into highly valuable and meaningful engagements on Groups. Brand advocacy all in one space between your biggest fans 🙌🏼

Although it’s obvious that moderation will be important in order to maintain control, all of this valuable information between users who are genuine fans is potentially priceless and if fully optimised will only increase the relationship between businesses and their customers.

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