It’s been a bit of a shock but here we are, back in lockdown as Guernsey’s essential workers push on to carry our community through. But how can your business communicate effectively in the first instance?

We’ll keep this short and simple by picking some essential tips in bitesize formats, but if you’d like further support you can email us on

  • Clearly state the status of your operations and how your clients and customers can contact you. There may be no changes other than remote working, or you may be faced with big decisions that need to be communicated clearly. Either way, comfort those that need comforting and ensure your presence is known
  • Evaluate your marketing strategy for the short to medium term and adjust accordingly. Keep things relevant to the current situation and make sure you check on any scheduled content that could now be irrelevant or even unhelpful
  • Put the focus on community and get creative. How can you help in ways that are suited to your skills and expertise? What are your clients and customers in need of and how can you position yourself effectively? Think wider than just your products and services
  • Keep your teams engaged. Can you come together to build morale and generate content ideas that resonate with your online community? Your strongest asset is your team, so look after one another and get through this challenging period together! That process will undoubtedly create authentic and meaningful content that tells the true story of your business in real time

Stay connected. Stay safe. Wash your hands and look after yourselves, family and friends.

Team Crowd

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