Inbound marketing is about reaching your target markets where they are, providing value and building relationships. This hasn’t changed, and messenger apps are now a part of that due to mass adoption globally.

Mobile is the number one screen and technological advancements now allow a more convenient, faster and informal process for audiences to find answers. Brands can make life easier whilst taking advantage of gaining direct insights about their customers.

It’s simple, conversations should happen on the channels that best suit your customers. It’s not the end for email or phone calls, but stats show messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the preferred route.

Advances in technology and shifts in consumer behaviour mean that conversations can now happen at scale. We can have direct, one-to-one conversations with individual customers on their timeline — not ours.

Think about it, would you prefer to make a call and be put on hold or send a message in seconds directly to the right team? Would you enjoy exclusive access to engaging content from your favourite brands? Hot new deals? Behind the scenes insight? The latest breaking news? All direct to your phone on your terms without having to trawl the internet?

Conversations aren’t new! Only now tech is making it easier and more productive for both businesses and consumers. Give your audience what they value and you’ll build relationships like never before…

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