We’ve been expecting this for years! Social commerce is here…

Whilst the concept has been in development for quite some time, this is perfect timing as more eyes are on social than ever before, pushing businesses to become ‘social first’. Facebook Shops, launching this summer, are the next chapter in the evolving social space – bringing commerce to social media when online shopping is at its peak.

Will we eventually be saying goodbye to the traditional retail website? We think so! Here’s why:

  • A simplified and seamless user journey
  • Facebook are in control and will favour brands who adapt
  • Social media will continue to grow in popularity

Some key thoughts for retailers:

  • Social-first brands who have invested in building their audiences and set up Shops early will be the immediate winners, reaping rewards from behaviour changes
  • Brands who aren’t social-first will face a fight to continue sending users to their online stores

If you’re a retailer we’d love to hear from you! hello@crowdmedia.co.uk

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