We’ve always worked tirelessly to implement innovative communication
strategies for brands.

We’ve spent almost a decade delivering enviable and impactful new ways for our clients to connect with their audiences.

We understand where people are spending their time online, how they choose to communicate and what that means for brands.

Personalisation isn’t a new buzzword to us but it has become an expectation from consumers.

Until now, social media channels have been incomparable when it comes to entertaining, informing, inspiring and serving customers whilst building trust and loyalty.

We’re excited to continue to push the boundaries when it comes to introducing new services to our marketplace and now we’re first again with Messenger Marketing.

The biggest opportunity since the introduction of social media that launched Crowd as market leaders almost 10 years ago; it’s the most direct, engaged and measurable channel on the planet.

Hello Messenger Apps!

An industry average of 85+% open rates, 30% click through rates, the opportunity to inspire, inform, entertain, serve and more.

We are delighted to now offer clients a new opportunity to connect with their customers and create 1:1 dialogue with ease through the most popular channels of all, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger both have 1.5 billion users worldwide, across an impressive span of age groups, and are growing twice as fast as the original Facebook platform.

In fact, WhatsApp alone is the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world; overtaking Facebook between Q3 2017 and Q2 2018.

With our new offering, those time consuming efforts and blurry stats are in the past – this is simple, authentic, GDPR compliant and builds relationships where your customers already are.

And just like everything else we do for our clients, we provide the strategy, insight, stats and analytical interpretation so you understand just how impactful your efforts are.

Categorised contact lists can be created via our software to communicate with your customer in multiple ways:

  • Customer service
  • Newsletters
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Competitions & Games
  • Clever use of chatbots, and more!

We’ll help you build the content plan, lead campaigns to build your lists and then deliver fast and dynamic solutions.

Are you ready?

The intricacies of Messenger Marketing are crucial if you’re to get the most from your investment and it’s certainly not something that brands should dive into without the knowledge and expertise required to do things correctly in order to reap the rewards.

That’s where Crowd can help.

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