In today’s social world, digital platforms are busier than the hustle and bustle of major city life, which contextualises just how challenging it can be to ensure your brand is seen amongst the trending topics and emotive conversations.

With organic algorithms no longer delivering like they used to (excluding LinkedIn, message us to find out more!), how do you truly take digital comms seriously and execute with success over a sustained period of time?

With the spotlight increasingly on content, how are you doing?

We’re still seeing brands treating content creation as a tick list exercise, with minimal thought to what will generate meaningful engagement. We are often asked to assist clients when creating a content plan so that we ensure that whatever they’re talking about is not just relevant to them (i.e. their products and services), but is relevant to their target audiences. This does mean that whatever you write for a press piece does not always then translate into meaningful and engaging content on social channels.

The key to generating a digital presence is not just in understanding your audiences and targets, but also understanding how to leverage culture and emotion.

For example, if someone is trying to hard sell cereal online, whilst the world around them are inspired by movements to save the planet, shouting their feelings on Brexit, or applauding at the latest sporting achievements, the brand selling cereal is likely to be drowned underneath the emotive content that people actually care about.

So how could a cereal company in this instance leverage culture and emotion?

Perhaps talk about how their cereal is being produced from ethically grown and sustainable crops? Or maybe offer some insight into the lengths they’ve gone to to create a delicious yet healthy treat, with their customers in mind? There’s endless opportunity, you just need to think strategically and be creative.

Taking an example from the above, the fight for the future of our planet is real and society cares deeply about conservation.

It’s emotional and it’s serious.

With that in mind, we applied some of these principles to the content strategy we created for our long-standing client, Insurance Corporation, who invest heavily in local conservation.

Thirty years ago, Insurance Corporation launched their very own Conservation Awards, inviting keen environmentalists who are actively supporting the health of our Islands to enter their projects for the chance to win funding as well as much needed public exposure and support. One of the first things Crowd did was take that initiative and relaunch it with a refreshed and culturally relevant backbone; creating a real, genuine movement that underlined the brand’s belief in our responsibility as a community to make a difference. (Echoed by their investment of over £100,000 in prize money through the Awards)

Without going into the nitty gritty, the Awards have since seen year on year record breaking growth. Our content strategy ensured we got under the skin of the initiative, shining a huge spotlight on our client and their ethics. We built a community of advocates for the Awards by engaging with digital micro influencers and key influencer groups. We put youth at the heart of the initiative by creating a buzz amongst schools and education groups.

And we let the inspiring projects and their leaders do the talking.

With the right message, at the right time, through the right medium, Insurance Corporation are now more relevant than ever before. Credit to them for 30 years of that investment into our Island’s diverse natural world 👌🏼

Your content plan should not just be about your products, it’s about people and people matter. Without them you don’t sell anything and if you’re irrelevant in your approach to how people communicate today, then that isn’t sustainable.

Be brave. Be authentic. Back what you believe…

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