Over the years LinkedIn has always fallen short in comparison to competitors, despite businesses tending to be more comfortable with the platform model and its USP’s.

Feature updates were always clunky, user experience wasn’t very impressive and the advertising options often failed to deliver on all fronts. But the once recruitment focused platform has notably evolved in the first quarter of 2019 to a much more ‘social’ environment, whilst retaining its model around the business world.

At Crowd we’ve been actively testing the waters with a real push on thought leadership articles – as distributed via our messenger app newsletter on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – native video, and user generated content.

The introduction of native video in particular has been a rewarding development for content creators and publishers, which has increased the relevance of LinkedIn just as it began to fall further behind the evolving world of social media.

The beauty of it all is that LinkedIn know very well that they are continuing to play catchup despite all of the above, and because of that it’s the perfect time for brands and individuals to take advantage of the opportunities on display.

Recent reports have stated that 80% of B2B leads are generated on LinkedIn in comparison to 13% via Twitter and 7% via Facebook

Due to the advertising model currently remaining sub standard (we’re sure work is going on behind the scenes to change that) and the introduction of video still being fresh, we’ve found organic reach to be incomparable with other platforms such a Facebook where goal posts shifted to ‘pay for value’ quite some time ago.

Company Page or Individual Profile?

Another key point to consider is the difference in engagement between a company page and individual profile. We’ve always encouraged our clients to utilise LinkedIn as an environment to put individuals at the fore, as the relationships are what bring in the business and builds the profile.

Whilst we do use our own company page and continue to include LinkedIn advertising in our comms strategy when applicable, we’ve found that posting from our own individual profiles is where the true value is.

In fact, personal content has been known to have 9x the engagement of a company page! We’ve seen drastically differing stats when distributing the same content via both the Crowd page and our own profiles in terms of video views, comments, likes and reach. Not only are these stats impressive, we’ve seen them come to fruition with new leads.

Whilst this is rare opportunity to benefit from organic content, ad buyers are noticing the increase in content and engagement rates and are shifting ad budgets to LinkedIn. So before we see a repeat of the shift to ‘pay for value’ – we encourage you to get involved by increasing organic LinkedIn activity as a part of your strategy.

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