Recent polls in marketing reflect an unmistakable trend: Today’s users are switching to messaging app communication platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – and Facebooks recent movements back this to be true. Let’s take a look at some key comparisons…

What are the challenges of social media marketing?

Social networks are finding it challenging to access target groups with the overwhelming and growing amount of information. Facebook’s new algorithm counteracts this problem by filtering information so that users only receive relevant content in their newsfeed.

For companies however, this algorithm means that paid ads are now essential if brands are to have any success in gaining optimum value from their marketing strategies.

The new trend: Messaging app communication

A study published by investment bank Piper Jaffray surveyed 6,350 young people and showed that users are moving on to platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook recognised this trend and launched Facebook Messenger.

Did you know… user numbers via four of the largest messaging apps were larger than the four largest social networks in 2015, and this hasn’t changed.

  • WhatsApp = 103.64 million app downloads via Google Playstore
  • Facebook Messenger = 84.48 million downloads via Google Playstore
  • In comparison, Facebook has 40.99 million app downloads.

What does this mean for brands and marketers?

Be first: Messenger marketing is extremely fresh, and brands have an opportunity to be innovators.
Reach anyone and everyone:  All age groups and demographics use messaging apps. You can reach anyone in your target market.
Performance:  Information reaches customers much more effectively in messaging apps, with open rates of 90% and click rates of 20%-30%. Remember, these messages are going straight to users phones.
Viral sharing: Users can share your content to friends quickly and easily, allowing brands to build brand advocates just by creating and distributing great content.
Quality leads: In some cases, subscriber numbers may be lower than follower numbers on social channels, but the quality of followers is incomparable and you are guaranteed to reach them.
No algorithms: Social media algorithms have forced brands to have to pay to ensure their content reaches their online communities, but messaging apps have no restrictions; your content reaches your subscribers direct to their phones.
Direct 1:1: Customers can use the chat function to engage with you in direct conversation. Build loyal followers by utilising this option for feedback, questions, customer service, helpful tips, and more…
Multimedia: Messaging apps include the opportunity to utilise videos, images, audio files and PDFs. You can entertain your customers or provide helpful visuals, and customers can send you images and videos whenever they wish – a fantastic customer experience for things like product issues, for example.
Chatbots: Chatbots within messaging apps can be used for entertainment, brand promotion, product information, bookings, and more. Think surveys, polls, competitions, games etc.


Social media is still very much so an extremely important medium for brands and offers a huge amount of opportunity to engage with their customers in entertaining, helpful and informative ways. However, with the new addition of Messenger Marketing to the mix; companies need to respond strategically and adjust their communication activities accordingly.

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