As Christmas approaches and we begin to wrap up 2018 (sorry lol), we thought we’d take a look at the facts and figures behind Messenger Marketing over the last 12 months to give you some idea of the impact it will continue to have throughout 2019 and beyond…

  • 87% of users subscribe to messenger newsletters on WhatsApp, 7% on Facebook Messenger
, 5% on Insta App & 
1% on Telegram
  • Quality beats quantity – focus on what you are delivering, what it’s purposes are and how you are offering value to your subscribers
  • The average Opening Rate for messages is 95% in the first 15 minutes
  • The average Click-Through-Rate within messages is 32%
  • The average Churn Rate (users unsubscribing) for messenger services is 0.1%
  • HR & Internal communications within businesses have seen the third biggest growth in 2018
  • 117 million customer inquiries were received by companies in the last year – 98% over WhatsApp which is the most popular broadcast channel (83% of Crowd’s subscribers are via WhatsApp)
  • Speed Matters: 62% of all companies answer user inquiries within 24 hours. This is particularly important for those using messenger marketing as an extension of their customer services
  • Integration: Customer service via WhatsApp shouldn‘t be used as a replacement for service via phone or e-mail – the messaging app channel should be integrated into your current customer care concept
  • Tone: Let go of formality! 95% of companies take a casual tone and even use Emojis 😀 Make your business approachable: after all, you‘re now communicating with customers just like their friends and family members do
  • Multimedia: Use as many types of media as makes sense!
 When you send multimedia content (texts, pictures, videos, audio files, etc.) you can address complex questions more efficiently and creatively
  • Automation: Around 80% of customer questions are consistently repeated – here, a Chatbot can help you out.
 If the issue is too complicated, the Chatbot can forward the inquiry to a human
  • Feedback: Customer service via messaging apps is much more than just complaint management. Offer your customers regular surveys to get to know them, their needs, and their expectations better
  • Messenger marketing can be used to entertain, inform, educate, and inspire. Keep it spam free and aim to generate engagement… it’s very easy for users to unsubscribe by simply messaging ‘STOP’

Just from a quick overview it’s clear to see the effect that messenger apps are having on both users and brands today. The simplicity and ease of picking up your phone to engage with a business; whether that be customer service or receiving entertaining and useful content on a weekly basis, is something that has become very attractive.

What’s your business model? How can you integrate messenger marketing into your strategy effectively? Come and have a no obligation chat with the team at Crowd and we can talk you through exactly why the opportunity to be early adopters is one not to be missed.

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