Whilst our good friends at China Red are preparing to reopen after a well earned break to refurbish and reset, they also have another trick up their sleeves with their latest venue – Otto; an Italian restaurant and bakery.

Otto isn’t just any Italian establishment though…

…it’s an eatery with Neapolitan heritage at its core through manager, Alessandro D’Andrea, whose family has a long history of authentic Italian restaurants in the city of Napoli.

Napoli, Italy. Original images provided by Alessandro of Otto.

We’re delighted to be working with such an exciting brand with a fantastic story, who will offer something we believe Guernsey is crying out for; and judging by the response so far on social media, it’s something our community will thoroughly enjoy.

Our team have been working with the Otto founders on their social media marketing strategy, discussing everything from platform selection to brand personality, visual style and identity, content plan, strategic distribution and more.

It’s still early days and so far we’ve only been able to offer sneak peaks on developments, but we have lots planned for the coming weeks up to launch and beyond, and all we can say is – keep your eyes peeled!

Napoli, Italy. Original images provided by Alessandro of Otto.

Fresh and authentic Italian pasta and pizzas, delicious pastries, great coffee and plenty more. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, a quick coffee with friends or even a business meeting, Otto will be a place for everyone.

We’ll see you there!

Connect with Otto:

Website and takeaway app coming soon!

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