At Crowd we aren’t emotionally tied to any particular medium or platform.

As a full service agency our passion is simply observing and listening to what is happening right now, and our job is to work with our clients to ensure they are actively engaged in relevant spaces according to their target markets.

As a general rule though when looking at ROI, we strongly believe that traditional offline media is hugely overpriced, and in comparison the digital world is heavily underpriced. If the price is right and it appeals to the target demographic then we expand client strategies to include traditional mediums, but this will always be working in tandem with a wider strategy that harnesses new media through ongoing, regular and engaging content distribution including paid placements with extensive data insights for a fraction of the cost.

Ultimately what really matters for brands is that they understand where ‘people’, not numbers, are choosing to communicate, and how they can communicate effectively themselves according to each platforms purpose (But that’s another key message for another day! Hint: it’s not a place to copy and paste your traditional media ads.)

Social media is a rapidly evolving environment where things constantly change, ultimately for the better, and it’s critical that organisations understand how and where they should be building a presence.

After 10 years* of taking risks and leading the way in the world of new media, we’re even more excited than ever before. You should be too.

*We’re going to be throwing a party. Keep your eyes peeled!

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