Business planning activity for 2021 and beyond is critical, including both a long-term view with goals to aim for, and room to allow for short-term disruptions and the ability to adapt.

Here are three areas we feel are key elements to include in any marketing strategy:

CULTURE. (It matters)

The culture and DNA of a brand will continue to play an important role in shaping its influence. It should matter to every business, because it certainly matters to customers/clients and any potential leads.

What values are the foundations of your business built on? Are they aligned with the causes you support and are you displaying this through brand culture and storytelling? Elevate these elements to connect with the people that matter in meaningful ways, whether its participation in the community, promotion of hard working employees or actively engaging with the most important cultural conversations of the moment. 

EMPLOYEE ACTIVATION. (We’re doing lots of this for clients!)

An often forgotten principle that should be a key part of any effective marketing strategy. The most powerful part of any business is their employees, and a successful business has employees that are engaged and advocating for their brand values and purpose. In essence, this is a form of micro-influencing and one of the most authentic ways to grow a business.


Brands should already be steering away from traditional “push” messaging and instead be integrating two-way conversational methods to build stronger connections with customers/clients.

Aside from culturally relevant and engaging content distributed across the most valuable channels to your business, this will also include AI to allow for an always-on approach that both anticipates the needs of any potential lead and continues to listen and learn in order to improve and grow product/service offerings and the customer experience.

Crowd are marketing partners that balance an understanding of the human psyche with forward thinking strategic marketing.

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