With Christmas over and 2018 behind us, we’ve put together our top predictions for marketing in 2019.

WhatsApp Will Change the Game

Earlier this year we launched our own WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger newsletter. Anyone interested in marketing and advertising can subscribe for free and receive weekly updates on the latest news plus interviews with big names in the industry. A helpful outlet for those keen on staying ahead of the curve!

Businesses keen on leading the way will have the opportunity to optimise messenger marketing as a new tool to their strategy. Find out what it’s all about in our previous articles.

The Rise of Facebook Groups

With the news feed becoming saturated with irrelevant content and Facebook Stories on the rise, we predict that brands will opt for Groups.

Strategy will still be key here, with engaging content built on what your target markets enjoy and appreciate. Identifying passion points around your product types and service offerings is just one way of increasing brand influence in all the right ways.

The Next Step for Instagram

The popular platform has already developed ecommerce as a part of its offering, creating an easy online purchase process for users as and when they see a product they like.

Next step will be a marriage with augmented reality. See what those clothes look like on you before you buy them, or place that furniture in your lounge to see if its what you’re looking for. Exciting stuff all through our mobile phones!

Stories Takeover

We’ve talked a lot about this in previous articles and it’s something brands need to take seriously!

Stories on Instagram and Facebook are growing 15x faster than feed-based sharing. Adoption of the 9:16 format in 2019 is no longer a choice for brands that want to remain relevant on social media.

Here’s to 2019! If you’d like a coffee to chat through how we can help your brand stand out in all the right places, get in touch!

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