Vertical video isn’t new, but adoption of the 9:16 format in 2019 is no longer a choice for brands that want to remain relevant on social media.

After the launch of stories on Snapchat in 2013, the impact has continued to change consumption on social media with Facebook adapting the format onto Instagram, WhatsApp, their flagship app and Messenger.

In a recent social media strategy workshop we hosted at The Digital Greenhouse, we discussed the reality of stories overtaking the newsfeed and 2018 has been proof of exactly that. With the additions of IGTV and Youtube vertical ads this year, it is fair to say that brands and marketers need to start making moves.

How has this happened?

There’s no denying the disruption that Steve Jobs and the Apple iPhone created in 2007, and with the introduction of social media everything changed. Mobile phones became the first screen ahead of television, and with that the rule book on video production was torn apart.

Landscape was a format once considered best practise; and it still is for certain platforms and mediums, but has now lost its place on social due to mobile consumption and how users interact. (96% of online video consumption is on mobile)

Stories are now growing 15x faster than feed-based sharing [Block Party]

Although users could flip their phone to landscape to watch a 16:9 video in full screen, stats told us that the majority didn’t even bother – instead choosing to watch it in portrait. Vertical video meets users where they are and is built around how we consume today. Flipping left to right or with a simple screen tap through fullscreen 9:16 video as opposed to scrolling up and down is the new standard.

I know, this just sounds like laziness on the users part right? Why can’t we just flip our phones 90 degrees to watch a landscape video? Well, one word: convenience. The same reason for every other major shift we’ve seen since digital changed culture forever.

Proof: The News Feed of tomorrow – and why it matters today

Mark Zuckerberg first predicted stories would takeover the news feed in Facebook’s Q4 2017 earnings, and since then its been proven to be true.

So how can your brand create short, interactive, engaging, entertaining and thought provoking vertical videos that stand out?

We can help you tell your story. You already have one, but how you tell it is critical.

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