When it comes to business and clients, there is something very intriguing about working with a start-up company.

Often powered by passionate individuals, wishing to step outside of their previous comfortable career to pursue a new venture, and one which they strongly believe in.

When we met with White Wolf founder, Amber Burns, it was clear she wanted the online representation of her business to be received in the right way.

Previous attempts to accomplish this goal had missed the mark, leading her to meet with Crowd to talk about all things White Wolf and how to make their digital presence come alive.

A website that truly represented White Wolf and their services and values was the first requirement.

It needed to be stripped back and simple in parts, but also offer valuable information and the right personality to visitors.

White Wolf homepage introduction

With these goals in mind, we took the White Wolf brand and their already established colour palette and moulded those assets into what we, and White Wolf consider, to be a great online representation of the business.

White Wolf internal page

One thing we knew is that Amber was averse to the traditional corporate-stocky-image approach (you know the sort…), so with this in mind, we wanted to prioritise colour, life and interest in the images that were going to be assigned to the various information based pages.

A variety of vibrant colours, the feeling of movement and a peculiar look to assist in separating White Wolf from the ‘norm’.

White Wolf header image selection

In conjunction with the website, an initial and realistically achievable social media strategy was devised in order to further increase the digital exposure of White Wolf from launch, with plans to expand the strategy as the brand grows.

Utilising various platforms to spread the good word about White Wolf, we focussed on high quality messaging and simple yet eye catching visual language to achieve our first phase of objectives.

White Wolf social media content

White Wolf social media content

We were delighted to receive great feedback on the website from not only Amber of White Wolf, but also from colleagues & clients of White Wolf.

The brand personality carefully matches Founder, Ambers, with a fiercely dedicated approach of challenging the status quo for the good of workforces around the world, and in turn – tangible business success for those willing to adapt.

It’s a pleasure working with Amber and we truly believe that White Wolf’s unrivalled knowledge and brave approach to talent acquisition and cultural transformation is something every business leader needs to explore.

Get in touch with White Wolf via the below links, she’s a good egg!

You can find the White Wolf website here: www.whitewolfoffshore.com/

And you can follow them here: www.facebook.com/howlatwhitewolf/

And here: www.linkedin.com/company/amber-white-wolf-offshore/

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